When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your smile, the gums are often overlooked. Your gums can have a powerful impact on the appearance of your smile.

As the name implies, Cosmetic Gum Enhancement is a treatment designed to recontour a patient's gumline and improve the esthetic appearance of their smile. Patients who have teeth that appear smaller in the mouth (often referred to as a "gummy smile") or those who have a high upper lip when they smile or speak, will benefit most from this treatment.

During Cosmetic Gum Enhancement excess gum tissue is removed, lengthening the appearance of the teeth and eliminating a "gummy smile". Gum contours are adjusted according to the "golden proportion" of cosmetics, ensuring the gumline is even and all teeth are in proportion to each other. After treatment, teeth appear much more cosmetically appealing.

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At Progressive Periodontics we offer conscious intravenous sedation to enhance your dental experience. If you elect this service, one of our certified sedation experts will place an IV line in your arm and administer medication that will allow you to relax. Our patients that elect sedation tell us that it is the most wonderful dental experience that they have had as they have little or no memory of the shots or the procedure they undergo. Contact us for more information.


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