Periodontal Disease is an inflammatory disease caused by bacterial infection. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss in adults. It is the most common infectious disease in the world.

'Periodontal' literally means 'around the tooth'. Healthy gums are pale pink, smooth and firm, fitting your teeth like a turtleneck sweater fits your neck. However, if a periodontal infection develops, the gums will begin to pull away, become red and swollen and even bleed during chewing and brushing.

Bacteria produces the soft, sticky, white substance known as plaque, which accumulates on your teeth daily. As plaque accumulates on the surface of teeth and in the crevices, the bacteria release toxins that irritate the gums. This event in turn causes the gums to become red, sore and swollen. If the plaque is not removed, it will then harden, (which is then called calculus) worsening the condition and causing pockets between teeth and gums to form. Bacteria invade the pockets, weakening and destroying the underlying connective tissue and causing the bone to melt away.

Previously, extraction was virtually the only option for those patients suffering from Periodontal Disease. Today, however through continual developments in Periodontal treatment, every possible step is taken to save all teeth and repair the gums. Although Periodontal Disease is a serious condition, its effects can be stopped and disease progression halted with proper treatment. To find out more information on Periodontal Disease, please click on the links below;

At Progressive Periodontics we offer conscious intravenous sedation to enhance your dental experience. If you elect this service, one of our certified sedation experts will place an IV line in your arm and administer medication that will allow you to relax. Our patients that elect sedation tell us that it is the most wonderful dental experience that they have had as they have little or no memory of the shots or the procedure they undergo. Contact us for more information.


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